The Jeffris Family Foundation assists with the preservation of historic sites for nonprofit organizations in small towns and cities in the eight states of the Midwest: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

What We Do Not Fund

We do not fund advocacy, adaptive use, feasibility studies, or other preliminary studies seeking to define a preservation strategy for a property. For more information, see the Preliminary Planning Documents page.

What We Will Fund

Only projects where site control is assured and a commitment has been made to a viable preservation strategy will be considered. The Foundation has created an endowed fund with the Wisconsin Historical Society that supports advocacy and initial studies for historic sites in Wisconsin. Several statewide preservation entities and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have other endowed funds that support preliminary studies in other states of the region.

The Foundation provides funding in two main categories, with occasional funding available for other projects that meet the Foundation's interests.

Unsolicited applications are not accepted. Applicants should submit an Inquiry and will be assigned a Director of the Foundation to help assess the appropriateness of an application well in advance of stated deadlines.

Our Directors also guide and advise on development strategies and the preservation planning process to help those unfamiliar with the most successful approaches to historic sites development. When an application is appropriate, applicants will be provided with a link to download the application form.

Funding Categories

  1. The Jeffris Heartland Fund provides matching grants for advanced planning studies for historic preservation projects preparing for a capital campaign and a restoration project. For more information, view examples of past projects or read about Historic Structure Reports.
  2. Capital Campaign Challenge Grants are made to invited projects which have completed their planning and are ready to launch a capital campaign.  View examples of past projects.
  3. The Foundation occasionally funds special projects and initiatives it finds of interest.