Funding for Publications

From time to time the Jeffris Family Foundation invites preservation organizations to submit proposals for publications on topics of interest to it. Such proposals are usually fully funded, with no requirement for a match.

Examples of publications produced with Foundation support

Wisconsin's Own - Twenty Remarkable Homes

Wisconsin’s Own: Twenty Remarkable Homes

By M. Caren Connolly and Louis Wasserman, with photographs by Zane Williams. Published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2010.

"Wisconsin's Own" tells the story of the considerable contribution Wisconsin's historic homes have made to American residential architecture. It also answers questions you've likely asked when you've seen a notable historic home: Who built this house? What brought them here? Why did they select that particular style? How is it that this historic home still stands today, despite development pressures?

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Fairlawn - Restoring the Splendor

Fairlawn: Restoring the Splendor

By Tom Davis, 2001.

"Fairlawn: Restoring the Splendor" chronicles the sage -- rags-to-riches -- of what is now acknowledged as one of the finest historic museums in the Midwest. From its Gilded Age beginnings to its long period of service as a children's home, from its near-demolition in the early 1960s to the massive multiyear effort that culminated in its return to grandeur, the story of Fairlawn is a richly textured tapestry replete with drama, human interest, and countless fascinating details.

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Minnesota's Own - Preserving Our Grand Homes

Minnesota’s Own: Preserving Our Grand Homes

By Larry Millett and photographer Matt Schmitt. Published by MNHS Press, 2014.

Larry Millett and photographer Matt Schmitt invite us into twenty-two lovingly preserved homes from across the state through over two hundred color photographs and Millett’s captivating stories of their construction, original owners, and restoration.

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Preserving Wisconsin's Civic Legacy

Preserving Wisconsin’s Civic Legacy: A Guide To Rehabilitating and Reusing Local Government Properties

By Gregory Mathis and Saleh Van Erem of the 106 Group. Published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2010.