Restoration of the Fountain of The Pioneers

Dear Tom,

As the result of a gift of $100,000 received on January 27th to help us restore the Fountain of The Pioneers, I’m happy to tell you that we believe we’ve met and exceeded the Jeffris Family Foundation’s required match amount of $166,000!  (Yippee!)  (This seems like a really good thing — especially after we told you several months ago that we were putting active fundraising on hiatus until after April!)

The donor is a very well-known local person who has also agreed to serve on our Honorary Campaign Committee — and I know you understand how important this is as well.  (Our thanks to Jodi for her help on this gift and commitment.)

We know we must supply you and your legal staff with documents substantiating that these gifts meet the Foundation’s requirements, and are pulling these together for remittal to you very soon.

Tom, we cannot thank you enough for your challenge grant.  Your early support of the project is exactly what we needed to get this gift and others, and it will continue to provide impetus for the additional gifts and grants that will follow.

Very sincerely, Pam O’Connor
Fountain of The Pioneers Restoration Committee
Kalamazoo, MI