Restoration of Historic Eleutherian College

When the Board of Historic Eleutherian College was awarded a challenge grant by the Jeffris Family Foundation, we were delighted and thrilled with the opportunity. What surprised us was the impact that a challenge grant from an organization outside of the state had in our local community. We immediately received publicity in the local newspaper that resulted in a check arriving in the mail three days later from a man who had seen the article and had never contributed before.  I received phone calls from people congratulating us on the grant and had people who saw the article stop me on the street and comment about it. But as welcome as the publicity was, the challenge grant made it much easier to receive matching grants from the Madison and Jefferson County Community Foundation and the Jefferson County (Indiana) Commission.  Leadership of both organizations cited the challenge grant from the Jeffris Family Foundation as an important factor in their decision to help fund our project. We had anticipated needing several years to raise the matching funds, but the challenge from the Jeffris Family Foundation was definitely a stimulus that resulted in our raising and exceeding the matching amount within six months.

Larry DeBuhr, Vice-President of the Board
Historic Eleutherian College, Inc.
Madison, Indiana