Restoration of the Bohm Theatre in Albion, Mi

May 7, 2013

I just wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate how important the support of the Jeffris Family Foundation has been to the restoration of the Bohm Theatre in Albion, Michigan. We have made tremendous progress over the past year, but none of this would have happened if the Jeffris Family Foundation had not invited us to apply for the challenge grant to restore the interior.

While the Jeffris Challenge, may be a last in grant, it is really a first in commitment to the project. Starting a multi-million dollar campaign with no funding, or prospect for major funding is nearly impossible. Every campaign needs someone to take a leap of faith and to make a leadership gift that will inspire others. The Jeffris Challenge has done this for our campaign.

To a small town in Michigan with significant poverty, this challenge means even more, it means bringing resources to our community from outside our community, which is within itself a feat, since we do not have the population to secure support from many major foundations and corporations.

The Jeffris Challenge also helps us ensure the highest quality of a restoration project, because we now have the incentive to comply with the Secretary of Interiors Standards.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention how wonderful it has been to work with individual members of the Foundation board on this project, from our first planning grant to the current challenge grant. Their personal visit last summer gave me the encouragement to pursue the Federal Historic Preservation Tax credits for the project, and while our application has not yet been finalized, we are hopeful for the role that the credits will be able to play in our completion of the project.

I look forward to our continued working relationship over the next few years.


Elizabeth N. Schultheiss
Executive Director
Albion Community Foundation
Albion, MI